Vauclain Fire Company Apparatus

Current Apparatus

Rescue 62

  HD Spartan chassis Rescue1 body, tandem axle command rescue
Rescue 62 is a 2000 HD Spartan /Rescue1 tandem axel walk-in rescue, with seating for 8 firefighters in the cab. The truck is equipped with a 430HP Detroit, a 35kw PTO generator, a 12,000 pound front end winch, and deep bumper compartments.
The Rescue Features:
  •  150 foot air hose reel 
  • A 9000 watt Wilburt light tower, and a telescoping camera tower
  • A command center for multiple mobile radios also equipped with a computer station which allows for viewing of the video recording while the camera tower is operational. 
  • Rope Rescue Equipment for high and low angle rescues
  • Interstate Vehicle Stabilization Ki...

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Pipeline 62

  KME Renegade

Pipeline 62 is a 1996 KME Renegade and is our first out engine. It is equipped with 1500 feet of 5inch Large Diameter Hose. This engine carries 750 gallons of water and is equipped with a 1250 GPM Pump. It’s equipped with three cross lays all 1 ¾ inch, 2 are 200 ft and one is 150ft. It also has a 200ft pre connected 2 ½ inch hose line off the rear of the truck. We have a Task Force Tips Blitzfire. There is also has a pre-connected 50 gallon Foam Tank and is equipped with a portable hydrant. We carry a variety of hand tools on the pipeline including Bullard T4 Thermal imager camera, multi gas meter. The engine is capable of carrying 7 firefighters

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Ambulance 62

  Chevy Lifeline

Ambulance 62 is a 2008 Life Line Highliner with a Chevy C4500 chassis that has the "Highway Response Kit".  The Ambulance is AED equipped and runs as a BLS Unit in Crum Lynne as well as mutual aid in Ridley Twp.

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Retired Apparatus


  Ford F-550 / Central States

62-6 was the first Rescue purchased by the S. M. Vauclain Fire Company. 

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  Ford Marques Ambulance

62-7 was retired in 2008 when the new Chevy Lifeline was delivered.  62-7 was sold to a private ambulance service, who still uses it to this day.

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Rescue 62

Rescue 62 is a 1993 Spartan Motors/3D Rescue Pumper features a Hale 2000 gallon per minute, two stage pump and a 750 gallon water tank. It has the capability of being supplied through 1000 feet of five inch line. The Rescue Pumper is primarily set-up as a rescue and serves as a hydrant piece as well. It has 4 pre-connected attack lines 2 200ft 1 ¾ inch cross lays, 1 50ft 1 ¾inch bumper line and 200ft of 2 ½ inch off the rear of the rescue. Additionally, a pre-piped deck gun is available for use on the Rescue and has the capability of being portable. The enclosed cab is rated for eight personnel, with sufficient self-contained breathing apparatus to o...

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  Spartan 3D

Utility 62

  GMC Reading Body


Utility 62 was an old PECO truck that the company acquired. the truck was sold in 2008 to a private buyer in Ridley Park, who still uses the truck for his local business.

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Engine 62-2

  Ford / E-One Pumper

Engine 62-1



The 59 Maxim was sold in 1996 when the company purchased the 96 KME Pumper. The truck was sold to a company down south, and the last we herd, was still in service.

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Command 62

  Ford Crown Victoria

Command 62 was purchased from a New York Police Dept. in 2006.  The car was a state certified QRS Unit, and served as an all purpose utility unit.  The car was also used to transport firefighters to and from school.

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Steamer 62

  Metropolitan Steamer



The 1904 metropolitan Steamer was graciously donated to the company by our founder Samuel M. Vauclain.

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